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At the core is the patient’s involvement 
in their own care, through education, awareness,
empowerment and participation in their treatment.


Physiotherapy is a medical profession that specialises in movement. 

  • Supports the recovery of physical movements within the body 

  • Supports natural healing processes after an operation, accident, trauma or injury

  • Supports the release of harding and tension of soft tissues as a consequence of dysfunctional movement patterns 

  • Working passively and actively with the musculoskeletal system of the body physiotherapy facilitates the body’s posture and mobility

  • Provides rehabilitation of the body 

  • Supports soft tissue healing through movement, exercise and bodywork

  • Enables people to continue working after illness or accident, helping them to remain independent for as long as possible

Physiotherapists are trained and experienced in observing, assessing and treating dysfunctions in movement that can occur as a result of injury, illness or disability. A variety of treatment modalities are used including exercise, manual therapy, education and advice, maintaining health for people of all ages, by helping them to manage pain and prevent disease. Physiotherapy treatments help to encourage, develop and facilitate recovery, supporting people at work by preventing injuries and absenteeism and assisting injured people to return to work as soon as possible. 

Physiotherapy works interdisciplinary with doctors, nursing staff, psychologist, occupational therapy and speech therapy to provide holistic care.


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