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From less hardness and pushing
to a more flexible and lighter way of being.

Connective Tissue Therapy

A treatment that is deeply relaxing into the natural flow of the body's connective tissue

  • ​The techniques are gentle anti-clockwise movements applied to various areas of the body over clothes.

  • The treatment offers an opportunity to deeply relax and connect to the natural flow of your body's connective tissue.

  • ​Clients have reported feeling deeply calm and still from Connective Tissue sessions with a lasting effect of increased vitality.

  • Many clients with chronic pain have reported feeling less intense pain levels over time and are more able to manage their condition.

  • ​This treatment has been found to support people emotionally, physically and energetically and is suitable for all ages.

The connective tissue is the fundamental tissue we are made of, it is wonderfully responsive, delicate and strong. It is our body’s soft tissue framework, within and around all our organs, muscles, tendons and bones, supporting and connecting all these structures together as a whole. Our connective tissue plays an important part in keeping the body in balance with its physical structures from the muscles, joints and spine to all our organ systems. In this way it can greatly support our natural vitality and well-being.


​The experience of Connective Tissue Therapy is of an exquisitely gentle, deeply relaxing therapy that allows this tissue and the body to return to its more naturally fluid, flexible and balanced state. The techniques are gentle anticlockwise movements applied to various areas of the body which enhance the flow of energy and fluids throughout the connective tissue.​ Taking time to re-connect to our body's natural energetic flow and rhythm in our connective tissue offers an opportunity to develop a relationship and communication with our body which supports us in every day living.


Connective Tissue Therapy® is a modality of the Universal Medicine Therapies® that work in complement to your conventional medical care. The treatment can be stand-alone sessions or part of a program to support a specific focus or for general health and wellbeing.


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