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Online Module Programs

Fitness, Focus Strengthening, Body Awareness, Well-being, and Diet

A simple and efficient way to support 
well-being in the workplace

In addition to the private consultations, body treatments and workshops offered by UnityCare, online module programs have been designed for the corporate sector which are installed and received as ‘push notifications’ to the computers and internal operating systems of employees. They are a simple and efficient way to sustain consistent communication and engagement with people to support well-being in the workplace.


The ‘push notifications’ are themed into various categories with examples such as: 

- Body awareness and ergonomics reminders particularly aimed for those working long hours seated at desks and or computer screens who will be instructed to adjust posture and or perform simple physicals movements that assist to 're-boot' the system and encourage body connection and focus, and 

- Dietary recommendations with particular interest to reducing addictive substance intake like caffeine and or sugar thus improving a sustained level of productivity output and investing in the long-term health of employees.


All modules are designed in consultation with a company’s specific needs and objectives, and are managed by the UnityCare team with webinar sessions for employees and technical support.

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