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"This massage is unlike any massage I've had before.
It feels so beautifuly gentle,
yet clears tension in my body in a very powerful way."


Uniquely different from any other Massage

  • Invites the client to fully let go of any held tensions in the body

  • ​Releases deeply held, buried and ingrained disharmony from the body

  • Helps to restore freedom of movement to the body

  • Clients often experience a very profound form of healing and report feeling deeply relaxed​ and more trusting in their body

This Massage is a modality of the Universal Medicine Therapies® that work in complement to your conventional medical care. This gentle non-imposing way of massage means there is no imposed pain, deep tissue work, applied pressure or imposition to the body in any way. The gentle Massage helps the body to heal and re-introduce true movement, correct posture and function. This massage is a stand-alone modality that clients report to find very stilling, tenderising and deeply healing, enabling them an opportunity to just let go and be themselves.

The treatment can be stand-alone sessions or part of an allied health program to support a specific focus or for general health and well-being.


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