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Being healthy for work and daily life 
requires movement and physical activity

Fitness for work and life

Fitness for life in full. Body Movement Education and Programs

  • Cardio-Vascular Fitness – vitality and energy

  • Strength Training – endurance and power

  • Core Fitness – flexibility and stabilization

  • Stretching Programs – connection, stillness and flow

Becoming more physically fit for work and life involves being more physically active. Regular movement can have great health benefits and is essential for work fitness. With a daily or weekly program of simple low impact exercises, the vitality, strength and fitness of every employee can be supported in a fun and enjoyable way.


The movement program encourages every person to start moving and to consider that movement is a contributor to their own health and well-being. Repetitive strains and over-burdening movement patterns are transformed into more healthy, functional and relevant movement. Participants become more aware of the daily choices available to them, which supports them to take responsibility in the care of their own body.


Movement programs are suitable for everyone at any fitness level. The programs focus on the form and quality of movement, and on supporting each participant to find a pace and rhythm of exercise from which to develop their own personally tailored program. Each person experiences an appropriate training based on their health, fitness level and individual requirements. The exercises involve the whole body, are simple and easy to learn and perform in the workplace and at home. Detailed explanations and examples are provided for how the movement and exercises can be built into a daily routine.


The movement and exercise sessions are recommended as part of an ongoing program that will enable the participant to develop a sustainable improvement in physical well-being and fitness for work and everyday life. The sessions are presented in a group format, but are personal in nature in respect of the health and well-being of each participant.

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