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Illness and disease rates are high and issues such as
depression may not be as obvious on the outside 
but are silent impacts to productivity, and team success.

What people challenges does every Organisation face? 


  • Cost of hiring and training staff is significant, both in financial, time and operating costs.

  • Retaining quality people requires that they want to work for your company. This is not so much about what they earn, but about their engagement, and enthusiasm for their role.


  • Illness and disease rates are high and with significant health challenges, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease on the rise. These statistics are people who also work, and many are active members of the workforce.

  • Often people facing illnesses will continue to want the support of their employer. For example, a woman with breast cancer may want to continue to work during chemotherapy treatments.

  • So called less significant illnesses such as exhaustion and burnout are beginning to show themselves as an even greater challenge. They are less visible but can lead to an employee who may be at work, but simply has little energy to contribute.

  • In times of illness staff will need time off, or maybe flexibility in work locations. A staff member will look for their work organisation to truly support them with social responsibility.


  • Mental health issues rate is possibly one of our most challenging in society.

  • Issues like depression may not be as obvious on the outside but are silent impacts to productivity, and team success.

  • Stigmas attached to mental health issues may have staff less communicative about their condition, but nevertheless effects are still apparent.

  • Stress in the workplace is probably one of the greatest contributors to not only absenteeism, but work dissatisfaction as well.


  • Absenteeism rates are soaring.

  • Short term absenteeism (1-2 days) can impact on an organisations ability to deliver services and thus directly affect profitability.

  • Longer term absenteeism can create serious challenges with either existing staff needing to cover extra work, or additional costs for staff.

  • Absenteeism also affects the people who are still at work. Often one person may need to do 2 jobs; adding additional potential stress.

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